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We've been releasing episodes weekly since May 2020 and have built up quite a bit of content and insights from guests all over the world.  The episodes and show notes are available to Patreon subscribers.  We occasionally release an episode from the library when it fits the content schedule, or when we just don't feel like recording something new :).  


Library Episodes


E1 - The Big Shift from the Covid-19 Pandemic


E2 - Defining Natural Wine


E3 - Pivoting During Lockdowns

Lauren McPhate, Tribeca Wine Merchants

E4 - Riding the Sea Change of Online Wine Sales

Tim Marson MW,

E5 - Digging into Wine Scores


E6 – The Classic Business Models of the Past 2 Decades


E7 – The Evolution of Marketing Techniques


E8 – Wine Social Media Overview


E9 – Building a Social Media Brand Page


E10 – The Wine MVP

Will Blackmon, NFL Wine Guy, Superbowl Champion

E11 – Wine Influencers (

Charlie Fu, Wine Berserkers

E12 – Wine Influencers (@sommvivant)

Amanda McCrossin, IG / YouTube

E13 – Wine Influencers (@wine.gini)

Georgia Panagopoulou, Instagram

E14 – Wine Influencers (@thiswaywithtay)

Taylor Wilson, Instagram

E15 – Wine Influencers (@attorneysomm)

John Jackson, Instagram

E16 – Wine Influencers (@grapechic)

Nicole Musari, Instagram

E17 – Social Influencer Overview

Juliana Colangelo, Colangelo & Partners

E18 – The American Negociant

Brian Retherford, Claudine Wines

E19 – The Global Cork Market

Carlos de Jesus, Amorim Corks

E20 – Wine PR

Stephanie Teuwen, Teuwen Communications

E21 – Wine PR

Morgan Moore & Alex Fondren, Glodow Nead

E22 – Wine PR

Paul Yanon, Colangelo & Partners

E23 – Wine Preservation

Greg Lambrecht, Coravin

E24 – Wine Preservation

Tom Lutz, Repour

E25 – Digitization & Diversity in Wine Auctions

Jaime Ritchie, Sotheby’s

E26 – Putting Trust in Data

Russ Mann, WineBid

E27 – Innovating for Fun and Interaction in Wine Auctions

Jeff Zacharia, Zachy’s

E28 – The Dynamic Loyalty of Fine Wine Buyers

Pauline Vicard, ARENI Global

E29 – Dissecting the Price of Luxury Wines


E30 – Fanning the Flames, Understanding Smoke Taint

Anita Oberholster, UC Davis

E31 – Hindsight is 2020

Jane Anson, Carlton McCoy, and Guest Host Charlie Fu

E32 – Full Funnel Data

Aaron Sherman, SevenFifty

E33 – Chasing Counterfeits

Maureen Downey, Chai Consulting

E34 – Loose Rocks and Loose Terminology


E35 – Caught Between Rocks and a Wine Truck

Foulques Aulagnon, Wines of Alsace

E36 – The Benefits of a WSET Education

Peter Marks MW, Napa Valley Wine Academy

E37 – Even Cooler than you Think, Paso Robles Wine

Chris Taranto, Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance

E38 – Bringing the Winery to You

Judd Wallenbrock, Charles Krug Winery

E39 – Doing the Work of Change

Ikimi Dubose, The Roots Fund

E40 – Stirring up the Conversation

Katie Canfield and Rebecca Johnson, The Bâtonnage Forum

E41 – Building Committed Students of Wine

Lisa Airey, Wine Scholar Guild

E42 – The Hardest Wine Exam in the World

Mark de Vere, MW, Institute of Masters of Wine

E43 – The Quintessential American Wine: Madeira

Bartholomew Broadbent, Broadbent Selections

E44 – Just a Little New York Crazy

Sam Filler, NY Wine & Grape Foundation

E45 - Complexifying and Re-mystifying Wine

Aaron Ridgway, Wine Australia

E46 - People Want to Know More About Sonoma

Michael Haney, Sonoma County Vintners

E47 – Cava, More than Value

Javier Pages, DO Cava

E48 – The Future of Sommeliers

Mia Van de Water, MS, United Sommeliers Foundation

E49 – Drink Better Wine

Heini Zachariassen, Vivino

E50 - One Year Anniversary - Live on Clubhouse

Juliana Colangelo, Lauren McPhate, Maureen Downey, Barb Tyree (Repour), and Tess Roche (WineBid)

E51 – Mailing Lists for European Wineries

Kevin Sidders, VinConnect

E52 – Selling Uruguayan Tannat

Christian Wylie, Bodega Garzon

E53 – Alentejo the Last Frontier of Europe

Joao Gomes de Silva, Sogrape and Herdade do Peso

E54 – What’s Next for Argentina? Why, Malbec...

Laura Catena, Catena Zapata

E55 – Grape DNA Profiling

Carole Meredith, UC Davis & Lagier Meredith

E56 – Discovering Zinfandel

Carole Meredith, UC Davis & Lagier Meredith

E57 – Millennials & Wine

Damien Wilson, Sonoma State University

E58 – Marketing to Millennials

Damien Wilson, Sonoma State University

E59 – What People Want from Fine Wine

Pauline Vicard, ARENI Global

E60 - Charting the Wine Media Landscape

Natalie MacLean,