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March 30, 2022

Crafting a Brand for Millennials w/ Ben Matthews, Terratorium Wines

Crafting a Brand for Millennials w/ Ben Matthews, Terratorium Wines

Hear about how Terratorium is creating brand alignment with its Millennial customers.

Combining a passion for wine with a background in marketing to Millennials from Proctor and Gamble, Ben Matthews launched Terratorium Wines. Building a brand for Millennials has led to creating target personas, packaging elements that lead to more transparency, and pricing to create a fine wine entry point. Hear about how Terratorium is creating brand alignment with its Millennial customers.  


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Detailed Show Notes: 

Millennial purchase drivers

  • Want straightforward, more “natural,” less manufactured products - concern for clean ingredients for products that are “in you,” “on you,” or “around you”
  • Want alignment on brand values, it’s more than just economics
  • Like transparency for the manufacturing process
  • Not as price-sensitive as people think they are
  • Want to support brands you’re proud to tell your friends about, which increases the word of mouth velocity, e.g., Tom’s Shoe’s “Buy 1, Give 1” 
  • Need the right price point (there’s a ceiling for Millennials) - ~$25-low $40s for a single vineyard, craft wine; the market entry point for fine wine
  • Millennials are now 50% of parents, which is influencing buying practices, sustainability becoming more important

Developed personas for their target consumers - “who is my who?”

  • Came up with fictitious characters - “Jake” and “Meaghan”
  • Average older millennial professionals
  • Creates a brand lens for wine style, packaging, varietal selection, etc...

Terratorium varietals

  • Try to bring in not quite mainstream varieties
  • Millennials like learning about things

Packaging - P&G says it’s “the 1st moment of truth” - need to capture the eye

Front label

  • abstract graphic to visualize tasting notes, colors represent flavors that correlate to tasting icons on the back

Back label

  • Tasting icons on what the tastes of the wine are
  • Regional / vineyard information (new) - more hooks to remember the region (e.g. - soil types, climate)
  • QR code for the website - will be more targeted in the future
  • The Instagram handle on the back label - try to drive more traffic
  • In the future - will have ingredients, nutritional information on the website

Winemaking for Millennials

  • They like lower abv, fresher wines vs. heavier, oaky, more savory beverages

Wine Clubs

  • likely to remain a viable system w/ Millennials, like regular shipments, discounts, and some form of community

Building awareness through marketing

  • Active on social media - Instagram, Facebook, YouTube are the main channels for the older Millennials
  • Partnerships with adjacent categories (e.g., nutritionists, health-conscious proponents)
  • More in-person events in core markets - create more word of mouth presence, can’t replicate the in-person tasting experience
  • Podcasts - saw some sales from the Inside Winemaking connection


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