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Highly recommend!!!

Overall, I highly recommend this wine podcast to anyone who is interested in learning more about wine or just enjoys a good glass of vino. The hosts are engaging, the topics are interesting, and the information is both educational and entertaining. Cheers to a great podcast!

Best Sustainable Wine Podcast Series to Date…

Peter and Robert recently delivered a content rich series of podcasts focused on sustainability and the business impacts driving this momentum. This series was skillfully organization around Anna Britton’s seven sustainability pillars with the and the XChateau team bringing in leading wine industry guests whom delivered one of the best in-depth explorations of this powerful topic. Recommend listening and forwarding these episodes to anyone in your sustainable business circles.

Your new favorite podcast 🍷

If you’re a wine enthusiast, meet your new favorite podcast! Peter and Robert are incredibly knowledgeable and lead engaging conversations with so many interesting people across the world of wine. This is great content, delivered in an easy-to-consume format - highly recommend tuning in!

Great resource

Great insight into the world of wine. Love hearing the different points of view from the guests. I find that Peter and Robert anticipate the very questions I would ask. Highly recommend!

Amazing content for wine business

The content of this Podcast is unbelievable! There are many latest trends and insightful interviews updated frequently. Robert and Peter are not only excellent listeners, but also brilliant interviewers with meaningful questions! I have learned a lot since I follow them in 2021. Many wine friends from the trade and MW program recommend it too! Highly appreciated!

Super Insightful

One of the very best wine podcasts, with a range of episodes which will appeal to a wide variety of wine enthusiasts. The insights into the business side of wine are deep, and are an invaluable tool for wine students as well as those in the business. Peter and Robert are inquisitive and do a great job selecting guests and topics to analyze. Keep up the great work!

Important Discussions To Keep Wine Competitive

During this transition point for the wine industry the conversation Peter and Robert are facilitating is very important for keeping wine relevant for years to come. The difficulties in demand for wine with new consumers currently is well documented. The discussions and sharing of expertise on XChateau helps us find new strategies to tell the story of wine in a meaningful way.

Great podcast!

Really enjoyed episode #93 about how Terratorium Wines tailored their packaging and brand message to capture the imagination of Millennial customers. You don’t want to miss this episode. Cheers!

Putting a Lens on Wine Culture

Yes, this lets you learn about wine - production, business aspect, etc., but the distinctive part is how it gets at discussions of “why”. Why is wine, and the consumption thereof, the way that it is? Impacts of history, technology, cultural trends, etc. - this podcast provides insight into how wine culture has evolved over time and where it’s going, while also reinforcing the idea that drinking wine is not just about the flavors in the palate, but the richness of how it came into being through the people and culture that produced it.

Excellent podcast!

Truly enjoy this podcast. Robert and Peter ask the questions you wish you could ask. A great resource for all facets of the wine industry.

Awesome resource for my wine business

Peter and Robert have useful insight and excellent guests that have actually helped me sell wine because of the ideas they have discussed on the podcast. Audio quality is top notch as well. Jim Duane

The most detailed wine business podcast out there

This podcast has the most knowledgeable wine experts on the planet. Robert and Peter know exactly what questions to ask and are clearly experts themselves and the perfect chauffeur for anyone interested in going deeper with wine

Great show

Great show with interesting topics behind the business side of wine. The hosts are knowledgeable and the subject matter is always timely with guests worth listening to.


Great commentary and fascinating guests shedding light on the ever changing state of the wine industry. Super find!


Great listen for those of us in the industry, and anyone interested in a more holistic understanding of the wine world. Top notch guests, diverse business topics, and knowledgeable hosts who make the most of interviews.

Informative and Interesting!

I really enjoy the interesting topics that aren’t covered by other wine podcasts (mostly just interviewing people). This helps me understand the wine business much more comprehensively! And very valuable and informative!

Invaluable Wine Business Content

Very well planned out episodes with relevant subjects and great guests, this podcast is invaluable for wine students and wine professionals seeking perspective and up to date info on wine business matters. A gift!

Putting a Lens on Wine Culture

Yes, this lets you learn about wine - production, business aspect, etc., but the distinctive part is how it gets at discussions of “why”. Why is wine, and the consumption thereof, the way that it is? Impacts of history, technology, cultural trends, this podcast provides insight into how wine culture has evolved over time and where it’s going. It reinforces the idea that drinking wine is not about the flavors in the palate, but the richness of how it came into being, and why it’s relevant in the context of society.

Informative and interesting perspectives

I enjoy listening to Peter and Robert’s unique perspective on the wine industry, blending the business of wine with the pleasure of enjoying some amazing wines. Their easy-going conversational style paired with their informative guests makes this a “must listen to” podcast whenever a new episode drops. Keep it up guys!

A much needed podcast for the wine world

As the space continues to become more saturated with interviews focusing on producers and winemaking, this is a much needed breath of fresh air that sheds light on an often obfuscated part of the wine industry. The business of wine is an extremely important and interesting space and I’m thrilled that they are doing this. Well done guys!

So Informative

This podcast should be mandatory listening for anyone getting started in the wine industry. Robert and Peter raise such interesting topics and their guests answer questions that took years for me to even know how to ask. It’s an unparalleled inside look inside the business of wine - save your money and time getting a Wine MBA and listen to XChateau instead!

Business of Wine

Through interviews with different stakeholders in the wine business (e.g., wineries, merchants, influencers), the cohosts take the listener through focused topics in the industry such as marketing and sales. Both cohosts have prepared questions, but are very good about listening and engaging in a conversation with their guests. This has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts that I look forward to catching up on at the end of long weeks. Hoping they tackle insurance/risk management as well as shipping in future podcasts.

Practical tips

I’m in the business of wine and find the tips and insights in this podcast to be informative and practical. The wide range of voices provides us with options so we can determine what is right for our brand. Highly recommend to get ideas and practical tips for wine marketing.

Fun and informative perspective on the wine space

Really enjoy the different angle this podcast approaches wine with. The wine business has been literally been around for millennia but most consumers (myself included) know little about industry’s intricacies and Peter/Robert do a good job finding guests to share insights.

XChateau podcasts

Very much enjoy your podcasts. You do an excellent job and always enjoy your insights. The topics are timely and the guests are entertaining as well. Please keep up the good work.

The inner working of the wine world

Great podcast with riveting and intelligent guests on the inner workings of the wine world. Highly recommend.

High Quality

I wouldn’t consider myself a wine expert, but I do enjoy a glass or two with dinner. I like listening to the business side of the podcast, sometimes I can draw parallels to my own industry, but I always learn something. Worth checking out if you are wine curious!

One of my favorite wine podcasts!

Peter & Robert’s podcast is one of the most informative and insightful programs in the wine space. They do a wonderful job asking industry professionals the questions we all want to ask, and make learning about the digital wine space super fun!

all business

The show is all about the business, yes, yes, the wine business. In contrast, most wine podcasts that I have found only focus on wine knowledge or wine reviews. This one is different! If you like business topics, you will enjoy getting a deep dive into areas that impact the product that we all love to consume.

A must listen for the wine professional

XChateau is time very well spent! Both Peter and Robert do a great job offering a wealth of engaging wine business information that should be a must listen on your podcast rotation. Incredibly valuable for the wine business professional or student but would be very useful to anyone with an interest in wine or best practices for the current business environment.