Guest Guide

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us as a guest on XChateau!


We use a recording service called that allows us to record up to 4 people simultaneously. Each participant’s audio is recorded separately, so we can edit as appropriate. There is video available during the session, but it is not being recorded. The following checklist will help ensure that we have the best audio and experience together.


  • XChateau will send an interview outline to guide the conversation
  • XChateau will send a Squadcast link for the session
    • No login is required
    • Please enter your name
    • Please choose your Mic, Headphones, and Camera
  • Connect to Squadcast from a PC or Mac
    • Recommend closing applications that send notifications with sounds like Outlook, Slack, Zoom, etc.
    • The Chrome browser is recommended, Safari is not supported at the moment
    • Squadcast does not currently support mobile phones or tablets
  • Mic and Headphones are required for best sound quality to reduce echo
    • Corded plug in mobile phone headphones work fine
    • Bluetooth earbuds work as well
    • If you have a USB/XLR mic please let us know
  • Location requirements
    • A strong internet connection is ideal
    • A location with minimal background noise
  • Editing
    • If you would like to restate an answer, you may stop and do so while we are recording, XChateau pays an editor that can make those adjustments
    • Talk over can be edited out, since each person’s audio is recorded separately