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Great listen!

This is a great podcast learning about the business of wine and selling which is the hard part!

Engaging, Entertaining, Insightful

Great podcast for wine business professionals and anyone interested in or learning about the business of wine. Engaging and rather entertaining conversations, great insight and perspectives, plus a nice source for inspiration and ideas.


Informative and engaging look at wine, from various points of view.

A fun listen for wine lovers

The hosts definitely dig deep in each of the topics and offer in-depth insights. Learning some new from each episode!

Another lens on a favorite pastime

This is a wonderful way for a wine appreciator to better understand the business.

Go to for wine students

As a DipWSET grad and aspiring MW student , this pod is definitely on the list of required listening in prep for exams. It’s a major plus that it is entertaining as well! Highly recommend.

Excellent new podcast

As a lover of wine and not in the wine industry, this podcast still entertains and sheds new light into a complex industry. Worth listening to for business insight in general and especially for those in wine.


This podcast is essential for students studying wine or anyone working in the wine business. Two of the sharpest minds in the industry bring you factual, relevant information. Adding to my rotation of podcasts and spreading the word to industry colleagues. Great job.

Insightful and engaging

Great new way to learn about the wine industry! Insightful, engaging, and helpful tips on what works in the wine business.

My new “must listen to” podcast!

There are many podcasts out there about wine tasting which are sometimes fun, and occasionally accessible. Ex Chateaux on the other hand provides insights about the business of wine, which are informative and detailed. The podcast is well organized and succinct, and the hosts clearly have insider knowledge, which will make this podcast a success. I can’t wait to see it develop. Highly recommended.

Thoughtful industry analysis

Robert and Peter have tremendous breadth and depth of knowledge in the wine industry and I’m really digging their conversational dynamic as they explore these topics. It would be awesome to chat in a tasting with them.

Great podcast for a wine enthusiast!

Highly recommended podcast to all wine enthusiasts! Started by the famous @wineterroir wine specialist and reviewer, it will give you a deep dive into the industry nuances. Enjoyed the first episode a lot and cannot wait for the second one!